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  1. Expression of mast cells quantity in periapical granuloma
  2. The effect of bandotan (ageratum conyzoides) leaves extract topical in accelerating fibroblast cell amount in the socket post tooth extraction of wistar rat
  3. Role of flavonoid and cape in propolis to inducing fibroplasia and epithelialization on post-extraction wound healing
  4. Effect of dressing agent application in the pericoronal tissue of patients with acute pericoronitis (an experimental clinical study)
  5. Effect of Strobilanthes crispus Leaves Extract on Healing Process Post Tooht Extraction of Wistar Rats: Histologycal Observations on Number of Fibroblas in Socket Base
  6. Odontogenic cyst distribution at dental division of Surabaya hospitals period 2010-2012 (Descriptive observational research)
  7. Shortwave infrared heat therapy after mandibular third molars odontectomy complication
  8. The effect of papaya fruit (carica papaya) gel topically to the amount of fibroblast on socket post tooth extraction of guinea pig
  9. Effect of dressing agent application in reducing bacterial count in the pericoronal space of patient with acute pericoronitis (an experimental clinical study)
  10. Study Cases of Dry-Socket Post Extraction in Dr. Ramelan Army Hospital and Dr. Mohammad Soewandhie General Hospital Surabaya
  11. Evaluation of odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) treatment on recurrency and healing proccess of patient along January 2002 –December 2012
  12. Antibacterial effect of Apis mellifera Spp propolis extract on aerobic bacteria of chronic pericoronitis
  13. Observation of periapical tissue damage due to odontogenic infection assessed from radiographic image