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  1. The effect of sand sea cucumber (holothuria scabra) extract on the amount of fibroblast on tooth socket after tooth extraction on cavia cobaya
  2. The effect of eggshell as an osteoblastic matrix formation as the treatment of post extraction
  3. Effect of Giving Education on The Level of Dental Anxiety in Tooth Extraction Patients
  4. Comparison of egg white and HBSS as aternative tooth avulsion storage
  5. The impact of soursop leave extract (annona muricata l.) on the amount of fibroblast cell in the process of wound recovery after tooth extraction (experimental laboratory)
  6. The effect of ice pack on post impacted third mandibular molar odontectomy oedema
  7. The effect of progressive muscular relaxation and post–hypnotic suggestion against anxiety of patients prior to odontectomy procedure
  8. (Correlation between number of visitors in oral surgery clinic with number of microorganism colony)
  9. The effect of topical application of glutathione gel in improvement of fibroblast proliferation post rat tooth extraction (experimental labolatories)
  10. Effect of bilimbi fruit extract (Averrhoa bilimbi) in the process of fibroblast proliferation on wound healing after tooth extraction marmot (Cavia cobaya)
  11. Effectivity of averrhoa bilimbii extract of angiogenesis wound healing marmot tooth extraction
  12. The effect 10% extract of purple sweet potato on the amount of endothelial cells on tooth socket after tooth extraction on marmot (Experimental Research Laboratory)
  13. The effect of purple sweet potato extracts on fibroblast proliferation after tooth extraction (Experimental laboratories study for cavia cobaya)
  14. Inhibitory potential of miswak extract (Salvadora persica) against bacteria causing acute pericoronitis
  15. Factors affecting the process error tooth extraction on RSGM - P unair (Observational analytic research)
  16. The effect of kencur’s extract (kaempferia galanga) to angiogenesis process on post extraction wound wistar rats
  17. The effect of green tea on blood pressure and pulse rate of pre-tooth extraction patient